In the age of high connectivity, producing attractive storytelling to connect brands, companies and products/services becomes imperative. BBS can create a variety of compelling content to tell your story, promote your business and bring you closer to your target audience through emotional and enduring bonds. We create social media posts, e-books, institutional material, newsletters, among others for you to communicate internally and externally with your stakeholders effectively and in a customized way.

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It is of great importance that the storytelling is backed up by an efficient and laid out communication strategy, in order to direct the creation and execution of content for various channels. Thus, BBS goes beyond producing material for online and offline media, but also offer our clients long-term strategic planning so this content is implemented in order to ensure greater results and connection to the target audience.

As a graduate student of the Master of Arts program in Public Relations and Advertising of DePaul University in Chicago, IL, I was responsible for a series of PR and Advertising campaigns for major companies and brands, having acquired the know-how to develop and implement successful communication strategies that meet the needs of our clients.

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