A production system is composed of technological elements (machinery/tools) and organizational behavior (people, information flow, management). The concept of production systems also applies to the services sector provided some characteristics are observed related to processes inherent to the activities. Just like in any other system, a part of the effort put forth to obtain the final product is ‘’wasted’’ in forms of losses throughout the process. Minimizing such losses with management tools can mean the success of companies along its lifetime. Our purpose is to train companies at every hierarchical level to 1. Identify those losses 2. Eliminate them definitely and 3. Create mechanisms for the organization to have the discipline of not accepting them in the future.


In general the losses in a process are present and impact the areas related to: People, Quality, Velocity and Cost.


People represent the main source of opportunity for eliminating losses since their actions relate to themselves (labor safety, motivation, creativity, etc.) as well as influence the others.


Every improvement in People has an effect on one or more of the other areas. The discipline of people becomes a Vector which will impact directly or indirectly the areas of product Quality, process Velocity and Costs in general.


And it’s not about making major investments in training and development. The key to continuous improvement is based on discipline with which certain tasks and adjustments are conducted in the productive processes. Techniques such as 5S, Lean Manufacturing, TPM become essential in this context.


Although there isn’t a magic trick to be able to reach a level of operational excellence, the existing techniques, when well implemented, can help a lot in reaching better results.


Our role in BBS is to assist companies in initiating, conducting and maintaining these techniques.


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